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Voor verdieping en persoonlijke ontwikkeling volg je onze workshops, cursussen of trainingen met een van onze docenten of gastdocenten. 
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Volop keuze aan verschillende lessen. Dynamisch of juist zacht en ontspannend. Met een maandlidmaatschap kun je al voor €59,50 yoga volgen. Lees meer

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Sauca – Purity

Sauca – Purity

If you think of people in your life who you perceive as pure, what qualities do they have that make you see them in this way? Isn’t it usually the case that you consider someone pure when you feel they are transparent, having no hidden agenda, healthy, and genuinely well-intentioned? Perhaps you came up with some different things. Like being clean, for instance. Sauca, which means purity in Sanskrit, is an essential part of Yoga practice, and ultimately of life.

Access Bars Class – 1 Day

with Ruchika Handa Date 2018:Tue 4 DecTime: 9.30 – 17.30Price: €300 (Access Bars Class)Locatie: Javastraat 12, Den Haag>> Good for beginners REGISTER HERE Access Bars® is a gentle hands-on technique that quiets the mind. ‘Getting your Bars run’ (what we call it...



While Yoga & Astrology are both different subjects of study and practice, yet they have many similarities as they work on common principles of elements, chakras and energy. Astrology is like the sister discipline of yoga They are both useful tools in daily life, which are also very ancient and have stood the test of time as are still very relevant up to this day and age.

Kinder Yoga

Kinder Yoga

The parents and children yoga series with Ananda Bogers in our yoga studio :, the benefits and why we love it! Let’s start.

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Retreat Bali


7 Days Retreat and Yoga Foundation Training

Sat 22 Feb – Sun 1 March 2020

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