Yoga Therapy Training (SYTT 100 hours)

with Savitri Sattoe 

In this program, you will learn to apply Yoga therapy for the needs of the individual in the context of developing a private Yoga therapy practice. Deepen your understanding of Yoga therapy and learn the practical application of Yoga Therapy principles and techniques.

The skills you learn in this training will allow you to work in a professional setting and lead private Yoga therapy practices.
You will experience sequences that cover most common health conditions every training day.  Participants also learn yoga nidra and meditation techniques appropriate for some mental-health conditions.

“Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way” ~ Swami Vishnu Devananda

Yoga Therapy Training Curriculum – 100 hours

Yoga Therapy part I (50 hours)

  • What is yoga therapy and it’s applications
  • Asanas and adjustments
    applied to specific health conditions
  • Relaxation;
    the art of relaxation
  • Pranayama & Mudra’s;
    the healing through Prana and Mudra’s
  • Mantra;
    the power of affirmations
  • Practice & Journaling
    Journaling the process is required. We ask your commitment to undergo the program, so you can speak from your own experience. Practice daily asana, pranayama, kriyas and meditation.

Yoga Therapy part II (50 hours)

  • Kriyas;
    cleansing through pranayama
  • Chakra & Kosha’s – Chakra and energy healing and balancing
  • Ayurveda; the knowledge of life
    An intoduction to Ayurveda (the Science of life). You will learn about the dosha’s, prakruti (born natural constitution) and vikruti (current imbalance). This will help you see with a holistic eye to your overall health and lifestyle.
  • Practice & Journaling
    Journaling the process is required. We ask your commitment to undergo the program, so you can speak from your own experience. Practice daily asana, pranayama, kriyas and meditation.


  • Evaluation skills and techniques for assessing imbalance at the physical, energetic, psychological, and spiritual levels including assessment of the joints, the breath, the chakras and the subtle body.
  • Body reading at physical, energetic, and psycho-emotional levels that provide in-depth information from which the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher can respond with appropriate Yoga practices for optimal healing.
  • Listening and dialogue skills to assist in opening clients to their own resources of inner healing.
  • Practical tools and techniques for supporting clients at the psycho-emotional level, including stress management, relaxation, concentration, meditation, and Yoga Nidra.
  • Introduction to the essential principles of Ayurveda in relation to Yoga therapy including a study of the five-element system and a full range of Yoga techniques to balance each element and dosha.
  • Exploration of the energy body, including the pranavayus, chakras and nadis, along with pranayama, and mudra, to address common health conditions.
  • Yoga-based awareness methods such body scanning and relaxation techniques
  • Applying Yoga therapy tools and techniques to provide a complete therapeutic practice for everyone that includes asana, pranayama, mudra, affirmation, meditation and Yoga Nidra.
  • Develop and implement a complete 8-10 session Yoga therapy program directed toward the most common health conditions such as high blood pressure, type II diabetes, arthritis and back pain.
  • Therapeutic sequences that apply the principles of Ayurveda in Yoga therapy.
  • Therapeutic sequences to balance the subtle body including prana vayus and chakras.



  • We require you to have finished at least 250 hours teacher training, already teaching or working in the healing/wellness area.
Schedules Yoga Therapy I Schedules Yoga Therapy II
still to be determined still to be determined

08.00 – 16.00

Pricing: € 600 | per block of 6 training days | early bird €500 (register & pay before 1 Aug 2019)
15% discount for sytt teachers and trainees.

Reading list

Required reading

Recommended reading

  • Recommended Reading
  • Frances Vaughan, Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing through Spiritual Illusions
  • Swami Rama et al, Yoga and Psychotherapy
  • Amy Weintraub, Yoga for Depression
  • Bo Forbes, Yoga for Emotional Balance
  • Richard Miller, Yoga Nidra: A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing PTSD


Savitri Sattoe – head of faculty and head teacher, overall teachings
Savitri has a passion to apply yoga as therapy, even in group classes.
She aims to help people become aware of the healing abilities of the own body, mind and spirit. Sometimes with a little less or more help from someone else you can heal yourself. The goal of this training is to train yoga teachers, so they can empower others to work on their own healing.


After your application has been received and reviewed, we will contact you to further discuss your participation in the program.


This program is registered with the Yoga Alliance International (YAI), as it exceeds their standards at the 500 hours level.
This will allow you to register with YAI as a YAI – teacher from saktiisha yoga centre.