Yoga Hygiene

If you’ve ever taken flow-style yoga class, you’ll know exactly that hygiene during a class is really important. Your mat is usually covered in your own sweat and sometimes the sweat of people who were doing yoga around you. Your clothing is soaked with sweat. In addition to all this sweat, there’s also dirt and grime everywhere.

We step on our mats with bare, often dirty feet. Somehow, after all of this, most of just let the yogamat behind or fire our yoga mats back into our yoga bags, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Here are some good ways that a yogi can maintain good yoga hygiene?

  1. Clean your mat regularly. You can buy cleaning products specifically for this purpose, or just mix some tea tree oil, water, natural soap, and scrub.
  2. Don’t wear too tight clothing for yoga.
  3. Let your mat air out regularly.
  4. Get your own mat, i.e., don’t use the communal mats provided by your yoga studio. Put your own mat or yoga towel on top of the studio mat.
  5. Lastly, be a responsible yogi and clean up your sweat on and around your own or the studio mat. It’s really not “sauca (cleanliness)” to walk into a room and step into someone else’s sweat, not to mention unhygienic.

Clean YogaMat-small

Yogamat Towels

These towels are for sale or rent in the studio.
Sale price: eur 25,-
Rental price per time: eur 1.50