Thomasseert – triggerpoint massage

“Getting you into your comfort zone”
From the moment we meet, my focus is on your wellbeing. Let yourself be restored by a functional massage, essential oils, relaxing music and a cup of herbal tea.

About me
I have studied and worked in ICT for several years, always feeling there was something missing. I ended up learning about massage and now I try to find a balance between working in ICT and massage. On a personal level I’ve developed myself through meditation, yoga and running. Recently, I happened to find myself in the gym of a kickboxing school – funny how things can go. What will be next? Let’s find out ☺

Sports massage – Trigger point practitioner
I have studied sports massage, trigger point therapy and chair massage. As I study and learn I incorporate new techniques and knowledge in the massages I give. I give a functional, effective massage that can be perceived as painful at first, but I believe that true relaxation of muscles and the body – and, consequently, the mind – requires the right kind of pressure. Whenever there is pain in a specific point in the muscles, it is good to get the circulation going.

Current research indicates that the best way to get rid of a trigger point is through intense stimulation, either manually or by using dry needles. Active trigger points are the cause of many pains. Many people have latent trigger points, which can become active. I use different kinds of stretching techniques and superficial dry needling to work on your complaint.
These techniques also come in handy when giving a thorough sports massage on let’s say the quadriceps, when everything comes together to focus on the relaxation of the muscles and surrounding tissue.

All is carried out with the utmost respect for you.
Invest an hour in yourself: €60,-

You can book a massage at the saktiisha yoga centre or you can visit my practice at the Utenbroekestraat in The Hague.
Just give me a call.


Thomas Lefebure

0636 194796