Filling or fulfilling, Ego or Heart?

I am grateful to receive all the tips and tricks from my fellow yogi’s.
Mudra meditation shutterstock_179617958 Many things we already know, it’s not that you are hearing, reading, seeing it for the first time. But the power is in hearing, reading, seeing it over and over again!
Felicia (from BeingFelicia) shared a vegan bowl recipe. I am going to try out this recipe today:)

This reminded of something I practiced before and on the go, being absorbed into the rush of life and all great activities I love to do (yes even the yoga teachers deal with this) the attention and intention to it slackens.

The practice of consciously choosing your food and mindful eating. Food is something we could use as a daily practice for living consciously and contributing to a connected and harmonious community. Few years ago I read the book “What are you hungry for” written by Deepak Chopra. It definitely changed my view on my eating habits. I used to eat consciously, but never asked the question: Am I filling my stomach or feeding and nourishing my body and spirit?

Here is another Sankalpa (intention) for these 40 Days: – I chose and prepare my food consciously, asking myself “Am I filling or feeding myself?” “Am I contributing to a healthy society?”

I also liked the tips from Mireille van Hilten from JadOrLife. I would like to call her “the Happiness Coach”. She has such practical ways to deal with the so powerful mind which has tendencies towards negative thinking. You can read more about her tips here. Tip number 3 resonates with me the most now “when a negative thought arises Do nothing first! It’s ok to think them! Thoughts that may seems negative may be warning us or they can just be holding us back because they are based on fear only.” read more Often when we have emotions such as sadness, feeling rejected, fearful etc. we tend to project these to an external resource. If we keep the attention on the external resource, we will not learn how to dissolve and transform these energies and we stay unaware of the roots of these emotions and thoughts. e.g. when someone is not ‘understanding’ your feelings you could at first think the other person is ‘not willing’ to understand or there is something ‘wrong’ with the other person. This of course is mostly not based on the reality.  This first thought and feeling tells me something about me. Our feelings are not about others capabilities, it’s about our capabilities. How do we deal with our emotions and feelings is an individual responsibility (response ability)

This brings me to another Sankalpa (intention) I am taking: – whenever a feeling of discomfort arises, stop, stay with the feeling, find the thought(s) behind this feeling, stay with the thoughts, what are these thoughts and feeling telling you about YOU?

Pin I hope you are benefitting as well from all the tips and tricks:) Keep each other updated! caring-sharing-connecting grijs