A letter to yourself

You are the creator of your story! Starting this year I wrote a letter to myself. A letter with the story I would like to hear about me. I even don’t remember now what I have written :) I am supposed to open the letter to me on 31 December 2016… You can imagine my impatience sometimes as I do not remember what I wrote. Here are some rules for writing the letter to yourself and let taking Sankalpa’s do their magic: The letter is written in the present simple. e.g. “I am…/I do… /I have” instead of “I will…/I plan…”

Let’s write a letter related to the 40 Days Spring Yoga Event! We still have 34 days to go until May 10. Write down about you and your achievements of these 40 days in the present simple. Seal the letter and put it away.

On May 10 open the letter to yourself. Find out how intentions (Sankalpa’s) work and where you have arrived. From my own experience I can tell it is amazing how powerful our mind and spirit is if we focus.  

Here is my next Sankalpa: Writing a letter to myself about my journey and achievements during the 40 Days Spring Yoga Event

More about how to create your sankalpa’s here Love to share and connect with you all. Om Ganeshaya Namaha