Yoga & Ayurveda therapy and coaching

Do you have complaints and want to relieve them with support from yoga, meditation and ayurveda?

In these therapy sessions we dive into the depth to the cause of imbalance in the body and mind. From there, we investigate which lifestyle, nutrition and exercise style suits you best.

Every human being has an innate constitution, which requires a certain lifestyle to live healthy, vital and happy lives. Due to an inappropriate lifestyle, it can become disturbed, causing us to have an imbalance that causes complaints.

During these sessions we examine together where the cause of the complaints are and what methods and treatments are needed to return to balance in body and mind.


€70 for 60 minutes
€99 for 90 minutes

To make an appointment with Savitri for Yoga & Ayurveda therapy and coaching you can send an email to

Cancellation condition: at least 48 hours before the appointment, otherwise the sessions will be billed.

Yoga Ayurveda saktiisha therapie en coaching