Introduction to Yoga courses

Several times a year, Saktiisha Yoga Academy offers this Introduction to Yoga course to introduce you to the basics of yoga and to advise you which form suits you best. Yoga is for everyone, but every body is different and everyone is in a different personal situation, so the choice for the style of yoga can contribute a lot to personal development, both positively and negatively.

New yogis we recommend that you follow this four-week series. But also for more experienced yogis this a wonderful way to learn more about the backgroundof yoga and how to fit it into your life.

Why an Introduction to Yoga course?

If yoga is new to you then this is a great way to get a good foundation. For those who have been doing yoga for some time, it is a way to get back to basics and find out more about the background of yoga. In this manner we get to know yogis and are able to respond well to their needs. We also think it is important that yoga is practiced in a good way and that you at least get a good foundation before you start our regular classes.


In this basic yoga course taught by Savitri Sattoe, you will learn:

  • The basics of yoga
  • The body (know your body)
  • Sun Salutations to vitalise the body
  • Pranayama – the impact of a good energy flow
  • Mindfulness & Attention – Know the thirst of the body, mind & soul
  • Relaxation – why relaxation is essential to your health and happiness

After completion you can join our regular classes.

The course is offered in English or Dutch depending on the need.



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Introduction to Yoga ONLINE

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