About Us


At Saktiisha Yoga Academy (SYA), we believe that the ancient teachings and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda are timeless and applicable in creating and maintaining health and wellness in today’s life. Our vision is that people from all over the world can be part of the SYA community platform. With this platform we offer you programs based on yoga and ayurvedic philosophies. One place for your personal development!


Our mission is to help you heal and to stay healthy and balanced in daily life. We do this by offering various programs for personal development, retreats, trainings and workshops. These are designed to bring your inner strength, clarity of mind, overall health and happiness.


We translate our vision and mission into practice by organizing training programmes, courses and workshops to introduce and deepen personal development and one’s own practice. With our activities we aim to promote the balance between body and mind.

Teacher training

Our yoga teacher training is acknowledged by Yoga Alliance International (YAI). Our training is focused on practice and ensures that you can work as a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher. Meer information on our training programmes.

Yoga classes

Our online and studio lessons are open to anyone looking for and wanting to practice one or more facets of yoga. With our approach we create a warm and safe place. So everyone can feel safe and at home. Check out our schedule and our calendar here if there’s anything in between for you and sign up right away.

For more information about our trainings, lessons and other activities, please contact us at info@saktiishayoga.academy