Thai Yoga Massage

In a Thai Yoga Massage, yoga poses are used to stretch, along with acupressure and deep tissue massage. To loosen deeper layers, Savitri also applies Reiki. This frees up life energy and can enable recovery and healing.

Accumulations of stress lead to blockages in the body and mind. With this massage your body and with it your mind are freed from the blockages. Life energy (prana or chi) flows freely again and relieves symptoms such as headaches and neck-shoulder-back.

This form of massage brings deep relaxation, revitalizes and works by also on a physical, mental, energetic level.


Do not eat 2 hours before treatment or very lightly. Wear comfortable clothing.


€70 for 60 minutes
€99 for 90 minutes

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Laat de levensenergie weer stromen met een Thai yoga massage

Only women are massaged.

Cancellation condition: at least 48 hours before the appointment, otherwise the sessions will be billed.