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♾ owner & director saktiisha yoga academy
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YWho is Savitri?

“The path of yoga is a development path that never stops. A path that is not the same for anyone, we all have a unique path to walk. We are constantly experiencing new experiences and learning new things. The coming together of the experiences and what we have learned always takes place on a new and deeper level. First one hears about yoga, then yoga practice begins on the mat, following background and knowledge of yoga, then integrating the knowledge and yoga practice. Then yoga becomes life itself. Where the yoga path starts for someone is not important. Where it leads is most important. ” Savitri Sattoe

She is of Hindustan origin and from her background has been engaged in various forms of yoga such as Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga for years. She has been practicing meditation since she was fifteen. As a child she was very committed to the wellbeing of the people around her. This later took different forms in volunteering and now in contributing to the overall well-being of people through Yoga transfer.

After working in business for 18 years, she also decided to focus on Yoga and its transfer.

Not only being more conscious in life, but also connecting with others and the bigger picture. After her yoga and meditation teacher training she started her own studio.

Her holistic approach

As the owner and leader of saktiisha, she runs a beautiful yoga community. Her vision is to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible in order to find connection and balance in body, mind and soul.

Savitri’s classes and workshops are characterized by a holistic approach to yoga. She integrates the 8-fold path of yoga (Raja Yoga) in her classes and uses it as a guideline. It is accessible to both the physical yoga practitioner and the spiritual practitioner. Come and experience for yourself.

Besides being the owner and head trainer of the yoga academy, she is Ayurvedic & Yoga therapist, reiki healer and Thai massage therapist.


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