Yoga Personal Development (YPD) - 200 hours

A training to move into awakening yourself. Dive deep into yourself to explore body, mind and spirit.


The core question is ‘WHO AM I?’

The first steps towards bringing yoga teachings towards others is to travel the journey yourself. This training is a personal development program and is focused on your individual development. The training is based on the 8-fold path of yoga, of which 6 limbs are integrated into the program. Three philosophy schools are also integrated into this programme: Yoga, Samkhya & Vedanta.

Pratices such as asana, pranayama (kriya’s), mantras, meditation, intro to chakras, intro to ayurveda principles, basic anatomy, philosophy (bhagavad gita & yoga sutras) are all applied to personal development.


Yoga Philosophy Philosophy applied to your personal development. In this training we discuss the philosophy of Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, with a focus on 6 out of 8 limbs of yoga. Samkhya Philosophy (Bhagavad Gita) and Vedanta are also featured. You will learn how to apply this in your daily life, in your yoga practice and in your lessons for others. Through the philosophies you will explore yourself, in which you will be guided.

We will investigate what the purpose of yoga is, what is a guru, the workings of the mind, klesha’s antaraya. And we also investigate purushartha (the goals of life). This practical approach will help you to live up to your higher Self.

  • What is yoga and its applications
  • What is (hatha) yoga and its applications.
  • The 3 pointers of Asana practice: Prana – Bandha – Dhristi

Asana The Hatha Yoga Key poses will be our main focus in this training program. We will practice the asana’s and also focus on how to approach them in different ways. We also treat building power, alignment, breathing, bandhas, focus and variations for each asana. The lessons are applied to your own body and you learn by observing other students as well.

You will learn the Dutch, English and Sanskrit names and the benefits of each asana. Categories of asana covered:

  • dynamic and static approach
  • standing
  • balancing
  • forward bends
  • backward bends
  • twists
  • inversions
  • restorative

Relaxation Find out the importance of relaxing. You will learn to relax and experience the benefits of deep relaxation. We will explore and experience different relaxation techniques. This allows you to create relaxation meditations for yourself and your students.

Pranayama & Mudra’s What is Prana? And what is a mudra? Pranayama techniques such as Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodhana, Anuloma Viloma will be covered. We will work on a personal practice of pranayama and how to integrate it into your daily life. Mudra’s and the workings of specific mudras are also discussed.

Mantra What is a mantra? How does it work and why? During the training, explore some of the most important mantras to connect with the divine sound with the sacred.

KriyasCleansing through pranayama Learn to use the Neti kriya. Also kriya’s as part of Ayurveda (knowledge of life).

Fysieke anatomie A practical approach to anatomy. These are living anatomy classes. You will experience the anatomy teaching in the practice. You will learn how to look at asanas and then strengthen the weakest parts of the body. Attention is paid to the workings of meridians and fascia. We will explore the joints and glands and how each body can be differently approached

Adjustments Every single body is different and we need to respect that. During this training you connect with your own body, your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to adapt your own practice and how to help others adapt to postures.

Energy Anatomy – Chakra & Kosha’s An introduction to the subtle bodies: the anatomy of chakras, koshas, nadis and vayus. We will dive deeper into the effects of yoga practice.

Ayurveda you will get an introduction to Ayurveda (the science of life). You will learn about the dosha’s, prakruti (born natural constitution) and vikruti (current imbalance). This will help you to see your overall health and lifestyle with a holistic eye.

Self practice & Journaling Your practice is yourr real teacher. During the training your practice will be deepened on the mat and off the mat. Journaling the process is required. We ask your commitment to practice daily asana, pranayama, kriyas and meditation.


Reading List

Required reading

The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, Deborah Adele (ISBN 10: 0-9744706-4-3)

Recommended reading

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Georg Feuerstein vertaling (beschikbaar in het Nederlands en Engels)
Bhagavad Gita – The living Gita door Sri Swami Satchidananda (ISBN 978-0-932040-27-5-51795) of een andere versie van Bhagavad Gita die beter bij je past


The Yoga Personal Development allows you to experience yoga practice and dive deep into it for your own personal development. You will gain in depth self-insight.

You will:

  • learn tools to apply to your daily life and practice
  • increase your discipline, focus and dedication to yourself and your practice
  • – learn to liberate yourself from old restricting patterns
  • – purify body, mind and spirit
  • – above all you will awaken yourself


  • We require that you practice yoga steadily with a teacher for at least 1 year and have a regular and consistent self-practice and/or
  • We require you to join the Yoga Foundation program offered by Saktiisha Yoga Academy. If you live abroad, we will discuss – if necessary – the further requirements with you.

If you’ve done a yoga teacher training before, or if you don’t think you need to follow the Yoga Foundation training, please email and reason your request and ask for a conversation with Savitri before the start of the Yoga Personal Development training.

After your application has been received and reviewed, we will contact you to further discuss your participation in the program.


See our online course / training schedule or request via

Data 2020:

YPD– 7 dayretreat incl training & meditation: 20 – 25 September
Location: Brahmarishi Ashram Netherlands

YPD10 schedule – class training

Day 1 Sat 1 Aug 09.00-17.00
Day 2 Sun 9 Aug 09.00-17.00
Day 3 Fri 14 Aug 10.00-17.00
Day 4 Sun 23 Aug 09.00-17.00
Day 5 Sat 5 Sep 09.00-17.00
Day 6 Fri 18 Sep 10.30-16.30
Day 7 Fri 25 Sep 10.00-17.00
Day 8 Fri 16 Oct 10.30-16.30
Day 9 Sat 31 Oct 09.00-17.00
Day 10 Fri 12 Nov 10.30-16.30

  • YPD online lectures/training will be released upfront and in between training days


Total of 200 hours of YPD parts training as follows:

  • 100 uur online training / lectures (part 1) | € 825*
  • 7 dagen (100 hours) incl retreat Training & meditation (part 2) | € 1050 (incl meals, accomodation, excl travel costs)

Part 1 and Part 2 can also be done in reverse order.

These sections can be purchased separately or as full package amount of €1781,25 (incl 5% discount)
The full package should be paid at once upfront. pakket moet in één keer vooraf worden betaald.

*including 1 month unlimited yoga practice at saktiisha studio

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Savitri Sattoe

Head teacher Read more about Savitri here

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Edwin Johannes: Asana en Anatomy

My first encounter with yoga was in 2001 in Pushkar, a town in India. Previously I had some experience with zen meditation, but I never had done yoga before. After this first encounter I lost interest and for the next five years I was more focussed on meditation and my career as an amateur contemporary dancer. However when power yoga was introduced at my local gym I joined and soon became quite enthusiastic about yoga. Over the years yoga became an additional practice that I combined with other physical practices like fitness and dance. Gradually I also became more interested in the meditative and spirituals aspects of yoga. In 2010 was yoga zo’n geïntegreerd onderdeel van mijn leven geworden dat ik besloot om een ​​lerarenopleiding te volgen om power-yoga leraar te worden. After I had finished my teacher training and started my career as a par time yoga teacher, I gradually became more attracted to the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga I was fascinated by Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga because of the traditional approach and the fixed order of asanas. It made sense to me. Soon the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga became an integrated part of my personal life and my career as a yoga teacher. In my own style of teaching I very much emphasise that asana itself isn’t the goal of a yoga practice. Asana is like a finger that points to the moon, as they say in Zen Buddhism. Asana combined with the proper breathing technique and a focus that turns inward is very powerful tool that results in generating both a flow of energy and a very deep calm and focussed awareness at the same time.

In addition to my career as a yoga teacher and my work as a teacher at the Nursing program at the Hogeschool Leiden, I have a bachelor in world religions (with a specialization in Hinduism) and a master in theology and religious studies through Leiden University.


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Marlies de Koning: Anatomy en Asana