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Welcome at Rays of Light – a podcast by Savitri Sattoe

Pffewww …. It’s been a journey in itself to get this podcast started. With the help of my team Felicia and Aldona…. Viola…. Finally I’m here with the introduction of Rays of Light – a podcast by Savitri Sattoe

This podcast is about life, love, relationships, choosing to live your highest Self and daring to stand in your own light.
I will shed rays of light on various relevant topics of day to day life.

My name is Savitri Sattoe.
I can call myself an entrepreneur, a yogi, a teacher, a motivational speaker, but above all of that I am a human being seeking for inspiration and aiming to inspire you.

I love to share inspirational stories which will help you to grow, develop in all area’s of life.
As the owner and head teacher of Saktiisha Yoga Academy I meet a lot of inspirational people that help me to develop, grow and stay in balance.

I love to inspire you by sharing relevant topics and put these in the light of yoga and meditation philosophies. I believe that we can all be at peace, happy & healthy and live our highest Self.

In this podcast I will share with you how to find balance and stay balanced in day to day life.

I will share knowledge and tools that I have gained through my life’s journey so far. I will also share interviews that I have done with friends, family, students and fellow yogis to bring you more insight on various perspectives on life’s challenges.

This podcast is about how to choose for yourself, your hearts journey and how to deal with the consequences (the price) that comes with it.

With this podcast I aim to inspire you to live your highest Self, to inspire you to dare and stand in your own light.

Thank you for tuning in to Rays of Light – a podcast by Savitri Sattoe

The next episode will be about ‘letting go – allowing the flow of life’
After 10 years of running a yoga studio in centre of The Hague, I decided to let go of the studio as our ‘ home of yoga ‘ and sail on the winds that is currently blowing.
Tune in to listen to the next episode, about the process of maturing in letting go.

Episode 3 will be an elaboration on the topic ‘ letting go – related to relationships’ If we are challenged by life to let go of loved ones.

Everyone tries to help. Emotional turmoil. Peace of mind is gone. Emptiness takes over happiness. An interview with Chandra Maan who lost her husband to brain cancer and after 5 years lost another loved one very close to her day to day life… tune in to this episode to know more.


 Ep – Letting go in grace & acceptance 

Welcome at Rays of Light – a podcast by Savitri Sattoe 

This podcast is about life, love, relationships, chosing to live your highest Self and daring to stand in your own light.
I will shed rays of light on various relevant topics of day to day life. 

My name is Savitri Sattoe.

Today I will shed rays of light on ‘letting go in grace and acceptance’ 

In my life I had many experiences which led to exploring letting go. Years ago I experienced huge pain and suffering when something or somebody close to me would not be with me anymore. I would be sick of it and in pain, depressed for days, weeks and months. And in some cases even for years. 

I recall moments where I would rather vanish, die even, instead of going through the pain and exploring what exactly was going on. 

Through the years of life’s plays I settled with the knowledge that things change. Change is inevitable. Not only in circumstances in life, but we as human beings change constantly. We grow, we adjust our dreams, plans as we grow! 

Through the years of my yoga practice I did lots of reflecting on myself on why, how, what happened, why was I suffering and most important I reflected on the relationships I have and how I relate to myself. 

On the go I changed my perspective many times adjusting it as I gained more insights.
Only in the past few years I discovered the development I have gone through. 

I ended up with a divorce and discovered the power of acceptance of changed circumstances. 

I discovered that letting go in grace requires acceptance and compassion to yourself and everyone else related to it. 

No matter how hard the situation was, I committed to see the full picture all the time. 

Letting to in grace & compassion requires to take full responsibility and do the best you can do, taking charge, using your inner strength to choose and stand in your light makes letting go or letting it be an action of love, compassion & commitment. 

Commitment to always choose & to do the best. 

Thank you for being here: for any questions drop me a message and I will get back to you with some light. 

This is Rays of Light by Savitri 

In the next episode we will explore letting go of our loved ones, taken from us by death and life.