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The teachers each have a different background, so there is plenty of diversity and yoga knowledge at saktiisha. They all want to inspire you to find and maintain balance of mind and body. To achieve this, we use in our lessons:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Postures and exercises

Would you also like to teach at saktiisha in the center of The Hague? Send us an e-mail! We look forward meeting you.

Our karma yogi’s

Our karma yogis are selflessly committed to the studio and the teachers. They make sure the studio is neat and tidy, a cup of tea is ready before and after class and they welcome everyone in the studio.

Would you also like to become karma yogi at saktiisha in the center of The Hague? Send us an e-mail! We look forward meeting you.


Savitri Sattoe

yoga meditation teacher ♾ mindfulness ♾ coaching ♾ personal development & yoga TT trainer ♾ owner & director saktiisha yoga centre

Savitri is owner and director of saktiisha yoga centre.

Through Yoga and Meditation lessons, workshop, courses and the Hatha yoga teacher training I gladly transfer my knowledge and experience to others. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for years and still do it with pleasure and love. There is still a lot to learn. Every time you discover a new layer, a deeper meaning of the same..
For her, practicing yoga is a means to constantly tune into your core, from which life becomes a flow.


Edwin Johannes

yoga teacher ♾ ashtanga ♾ vinyasa

My first encounter with yoga was in 2001 in Pushkar, a town in India. Previously I had some experience with zen meditation, but I never had done yoga before. After this first encounter I lost interest and for the next five years I was more focussed on meditation and my career as an amateur contemporary dancer. However when power yoga was introduced at my local gym I joined and soon became quite enthusiastic about yoga. Over the years yoga became an additional practice that I combined with other physical practices like fitness and dance. Gradually I also became more interested in the meditative and spirituals aspects of yoga. In 2010 yoga had become such an integrated part of my life that I decided to follow a teacher training to become a power-yoga teacher. After I had finished my teacher training and started my career as a par time yoga teacher, I gradually became more attracted to the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga I was fascinated by Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga due to its traditional approach and its fixed sequence of asanas It made sense to me. Soon the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga became an integrated part of my personal life and my career as a yoga teacher. In my own style of teaching I very much emphasise that asana itself isn’t the goal of a yoga practice. Asana is like a finger that points to the moon, as they say in Zen Buddhism. Asana combined with the proper breathing technique and a focus that turns inward is very powerful tool that results in generating both a flow of energy and a very deep calm and focussed awareness at the same time.

Next to my career as a yoga teacher and my work as a nurse and managar for the GGD, I’m also completed a bachelor in World Religions, (with a specialization in Hinduism) and a master in Theology and Religious Studies at Leiden University.


Sherita Paltan

yoga teacher ♾ critical alignment

As a child, I always wondered why people hurt themselves and their loved ones. This question started a lifelong journey to heal myself. It guided me to yoga, psychotherapy and ancient medicine. Critical Alignment brings Western Psychology to Eastern Yoga.


Sanne Groeneboer

yoga docente ♾ Sivananda ♾ Gentle Hatha MeditationYinMindfulness♾ Restorative ♾Kirtan

When I was about 20 years old, I took my very first yoga class. What started with ‘a moment of relaxation to compensate my time-consuming studies’ has grown over the years into a true way of life. Yoga (and meditation) not only help me feel better physically, but have also changed the way I see life. I find the idea that everything is constantly shifting, subject to change, very comforting in more difficult periods It makes me feel lighter, allows me to surrender more to the present moment. In 2012 I participated in a Teacher Training (following the Sivananda tradition) in India, after which I soon started teaching. The following years I supplemented this with various courses (including Yin and Meditation) and courses (Yoga Therapy). In addition to the physical postures (asanas), my classes always focus on meditation and relaxation. In order to create space for what arises in the moment, be it physical, emotional or mental.


Maneesha de Gier

yoga docent hatha yin restorative ♾ reconnective healing practitioner

From a background in healing, tai chi and meditation, I found my way to Yoga in 2006. Here I found my way of life. Timeless wisdom and inspiration to always keep on exploring. It was inevitable to want to share this with others and since 2008 I have been giving lessons and workshops with great pleasure. Yin Yoga, especially in the form of Sarah Powers: Yin / Insight Yoga, a combination of TCM, meditation / mindfulness and self-examination, is my specialty. Connection with your breath, grounding in your body, openness in your heart and joy in your soul. That’s what yoga is about for me. And this is what I like to offer you in my lessons. En dit is wat ik je in mijn lessen graag aanreik.


Joke Vredeveld

yoga teacher♾ Gentle hatha ♾ pure restorative ♾ yoga nidra

I started yoga about 25 years ago. From a need to deal better with everyday stress, I started taking yoga classes. From the beginning I found it special to experience what yoga does to you. I continued to follow the lessons faithfully and started to study more and more. My passion for yoga started there and has only grown since then For me, yoga has become an essential part of my life. Yoga has made me live more and more consciously. Yoga keeps me in balance.

In 2013 I decided to follow a yoga training at Saktiisha, for personal development and even more depth. I noticed that I also really enjoyed teaching. I like to share the pleasure and benefits that yoga gives me in daily life. In 2014 I also completed the training Yin Yoga and meditation. In addition, I followed several workshops in the field of yoga and meditation. And I still continue to explore yoga and discover new things. By giving yoga classes I want to let others experience that it is possible to find peace and balance in this hectic time.


Kaja Kusnirova

yoga teacher♾ hatha flow ♾ yin ♾ restorative

Kaja became interested in yoga since her first introduction to this art of living in 2004 during her internship in Buenos Aires. After her return to The Hague she continued to practice independently and occasionally took LED lessons. But after she became a mother (2009), in need of rediscovering her balance, she began to consider the mat as her lifelong friend. This is the moment when she started taking regular classes in different studios and deepened her own practice by following different workshops in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. At this point she became aware of the “non-physical” aspects of yoga and this only strengthened her belief that she was moving in the right direction.

With growing passion and curiosity in yoga lifestyle and philosophy, she decided to take a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in January 2015, which was one of the best gifts she could ever give herself. In her classes she will create a space for you to explore the benefits of “yoga” beyond the physical aspects and to experience the effortless flow of life energy by increasing your awareness of body and mind. “For me, yoga has become an infinite source of ‘tools’ to live a more present, fulfilled and joyful life and I am grateful to share it with you!” Kaja was born and raised in Slovakia and has been in The Hague since 2002.


Kerry Lochan

yoga teacher♾ yin ♾ gentle hatha ♾ restorative


Uta Bisseswar

yoga teacher Auryoga

Whatever insights and experiences have been given to me so far on the path of yoga, which I currently share as a senior teacher within the Himalayan tradition, mainly in their teacher training in the Netherlands and for the Ayurvedic study institute EISRA in its program to become an AYURYOGA teacher and therapist.
As a teenager, I was very lucky to get in touch with great yogis like Swami Rama, Pt. Usharbudh Arya who became Swami Veda Bharati and Raja Gopalan. Fascinated by the holistic and complete system of approaching life through yoga, I followed the path. Since then I practice mantra meditation – sometimes with good, sometimes with rather lousy results related to the deeply cut grooves of habit patterns reflected in the meditation process. In my twenties I followed the 3-year teacher training course of the Himalayan Institute Ahrensburg / Hamburg, in my thirties I spent two years in India and followed a two-year intensive spiritual training led by Swami Veda. And now in my forties, while continuing my education in the Netherlands and India, I do my best to pass on all that I have picked up through the vast knowledge of Yoga.
At this point I focus on Ayuryoga, which means the integration of the two sister sciences Ayurveda and Yoga to help people find their personal way of practicing Hatha Yoga so that the energies in their body, the breath, their emotions and the movements in the mind comes into a harmoniously balanced state of relaxation and clarity.


Javor Ribarov

yoga teacher tai chi ♾ hatha core


Asameé Szczupak

singing bowl performer

My name is Asameé Szczupak. I was born and raised in Poland and came to the Netherlands when I was 20. Since then The Hague has been a home for me.
Music has always been an important part of my life. I listen to different music styles depending on my mood. From classical, through R’n’B to rock …

In 2013, at a spiritual fair, I came across Tibetan singing bowls and shaman drums. They caught my attention right away … I bought my first singing bowl in 2014 not knowing what I would do with it. The same goes for my first shaman drum. After that I kept adding more of them to my collection, still not knowing what I would do to them. In 2015 it became clear to me that I wanted to learn to use singing bowls. At the end of 2015 I suffered a lot of discomfort from inflamed tendon in my shoulder. Unfortunately, heavy medicines, dry needle therapy and a lot of rest did not help. The pain was unbearable. After three months of constant pain I got a little worried, but my doctor assured me that it was nothing serious and that it would get better. On the same day I had my first course day to learn to work with the Tibetan singing bowls. Two hours after the start I already felt less pain. At the end of the day I was at home and the pain was completely gone. I could hardly believe it. It was then that I knew I wanted to work with the singing bowls.

Asameé came about out of love for myself, love for people and love for our beautiful Mother Earth. Welcome to my world of sounds which I would like to share with you in the form of individual sound massages with the Tibetan singing bowls, chakras re-balancing treatment with tuning forks or a singing bath session with Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drums, gongs, koshi chimes and other instruments. I also organize workshops for people who want to learn how to play the singing bowls _ / | \ _


Sylwia de Bruijn

yoga teacher kundalini ♾ prenatal


Chandra Maan

yoga teacher hatha

I started practicing yoga when I was 18; first as a student and then (after a 4-year course) as a teacher in community centers, hospitals and companies.
In 1995 I started my own yoga studio (until 2016) where I taught different types of yoga, but I preferred Hatha yoga – until now!
Yoga for me is a lifestyle where you are constantly in balance between body and mind. Lifelong quest!


Annelies Vloon

pranic healer twin hearts meditatie


Desi Petrova

yoga teacher♾ hatha flow ♾ yin ♾ sivananda


Femke Zeeman

yoga teacher ♾ gentle hatha ♾ restorative

x x x x


Felicia van der Does

studio manager karma yogi

After several yoga studios, I ended up in 2013 at saktiisha, a yoga studio where I immediately felt at home. The homely atmosphere and personal approach really appealed to me. I apply yoga in daily life and it offers me relaxation and insight. Since 2016 I have also been professionally involved in saktiisha, first as an office manager and now as a studio manager.


Aldona Bermudez

manager social media


Ruben Bholai

karma yogi ♾ studio host


Iris Maillé

karma yogi ♾ studio host


Celina Strater

karma yogi studio host


Zuleika Sheik

karma yogi studio host

Being away from home, yoga has allowed me to find a home within myself. I joined Saktiisha in 2016, first as a client, now as a Karma Yogi and soon as Hatha Yoga Teacher. In Saktiisha I have found a space where mind, body and spirit align through yoga allowing us to show up fully present for ourselves and for others around us. I look forward to welcoming you at one of our classes.


Maxine van der Veer

karma yogi ♾ studio host

I was first introduced to yoga when I was 15, a weekly class at the local gym. I didn’t quite like it so I thought yoga wasn’t for me. Years later in 2018 I started doing yoga as a sport and discarded the spiritual side. After practicing all different kinds of yoga, I surprisingly fell in love with the spiritual side of yoga as well and decided to make yoga part of my day to day life. Besides being a studio host at Saktiisha I am an artist and art teacher.

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