Ksenya O Kulchytska

Ksenya  O Kulchytska
Ksenya’s yoga journey started in 2008 in cozy “Kiev yoga studio” in Ukraine. The same year she got to know her other passion and discovered the beauty of the modern dance. Exactly the same year she has started her Psychology study in the Kiev Aviation University. All these three passions are still traveling with her through life. She sees them as a source of energy and inspiration in her work and in daily life as well. Her yoga classes are often smooth and flowing like a dance. For each class she likes to use a special theme related to yoga philosophy, psychology or daily life choices and challenges to contemplate on during a meditation, to work out through a body or to release using breathing technics. Each class is unique and full of insights.

Ksenya has an active lifestyle and likes to try some new activities to challenge herself. Besides yoga, she is passionate about running, pilates, snowboarding, wake surfing. Especially she likes to sport outside because it gives her an opportunity to be closer to nature.

At saktiisha Ksenya is currently teaching Yoga, Pilates & Yoga and Yoga & Dance classes.