1. Your registration is only final after signing the registration form and payment of the full course amount in advance.
  2. If you are unable to participate in the full training (200 hours or 500 hours), the following refund conditions apply:
    • Cancellation up to 2 months before the start of the first day of class: 100 % refund of the course fee;
    • Cancellation up to 1 month before the start of the first day of class: 50% refund of the course fee.
    • Verder is er geen restitutie van het cursusgeld mogelijk (ook niet gedeeltelijk). Please note that missed modules can be made up within 1 year. This catch-up option is offered by saktiisha.
  3. The full 200 hours and 500 hours of SYTT shall be completed with the awarding of a diploma subject to the following conditions:
    • complete your practical exam for Hatha Yoga Teacher / Yoga Therapy “Leading a Class/session”
    • 5 internship classes at Saktiisha or another yoga studio
    • you have followed all the modules and the required homework assignments
    • thesis/paper writes about a yoga theme of your choice
  4. When completing SYT20, SYT50 and SYT150, you will receive a certificate.
  5. Each student bears full responsibility for his or her health. By signing the registration form you declare that you are physically healthy and do not have any medical complaints that could prevent full participation in the training program.
  6. By signing the SYTT registration form, you agree to take full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damage that may arise from participation in the training programme. You also declare that you consciously and voluntarily refrain from future claims against saktiisha or the teacher, for any injury or any damage that you could incur by participating in the study program.
  7. As a student in this course, you are required to report injuries that arise during the training period, any pregnancy and any medical complaints that may affect your participation in the program, as soon as possible to the teacher of this course.